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Discount Cigarette Shopping Guide! 

That's right, you can buy discount cigarettes on the internet from the comfort of your own home or office! Convenience, time, and money saving are just a couple of the reasons I buy my cigarettes online!

We make it easy! We are a totally free site, we do not accept advertising from any online cigarette retailer. Let the discount cigarette shopper help you find the best! This site only recommends the best online discount cigarette retailers! There are several "guides" out there such as discount-cigarettes.org, but the problem is, they sell advertising! They could care less about the quality of customer service, freshness of product, friendly customer service, etc. Heck, all they care about is revenue!

I am a smoker and buying cigarettes on the web is much cheaper for me than buying locally. I love the convenience of having my cigarettes delivered right to my door! I enjoy using the autoship feature - I never need to worry about when my cigarettes will be delivered! They ship me out a fresh order monthly! 

You can find all of your favorite brands of discount cigarettes at these retailers.  They carry all major brands plus many low priced value brands. Be sure to try the all natural Native cigarettes. I like to try different brands occasionally; it's nice to have a change of flavor. I have tried and like the Native brand (very inexpensive), the Seneca brand (not the ones made in Canada, the one that is made by the Seneca-Cayuga Tobacco Co.), and the Niagara brand. The Niagara is good but only comes in full flavor or light, and only in king size soft pack. The Natives only come in king size soft. The Seneca cigarettes have the most complete line.

I didn't care for the Vegas, Exact, Market, Wave or Smokin Joes all natural non filter. Smoking and different brands are a matter of individual taste. You may find that you will like brands that I don't and vice versa!! Feel free to try the brands that appeal to you. If you would like to drop me a line with your finds, please email me here: smokes@discount-cigarettes.freeservers.com
Maybe I'll even make a section with the comments in it! Yeah, good idea!

There is a lot of press right now about the sale of cigarettes on the internet. I agree that we need to do all that we can to prevent cigarettes and tobacco from getting into the hands of minors. I have talked to many companies about this issue and the general response is that if they want cigarettes they'll get them, PERIOD! In the past you were able to tell if a credit card was issued to a minor. That was deemed an invasion of privacy, etc. I think it is a good idea and one that should be brought back. I do agree though that there is no way to stop underage buying completely. Many times I have seen someone come out of a store and hand cigarettes to a very youthful looking person. Do we station a cop at every store that sells tobacco? And what about fake ID's? I have a friend who owns a convenience store and he tells me it is unbelievable how official looking many of these fake ID's are! The best answer in my opinion is to teach our youth about the effects of smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. And I think that we as parents need to stay more in tune with our children and offer the guidance they need.

At these sites discount cigarettes and tobacco is the only business. I don't care for the sites that carry a lot of products that are unrelated to tobacco. I like a fast, smooth site. I know what I want and I don't like things that waste my time. Slow loading sites are the worst! I know sometimes connections and other factors play a role in load time, but graphics heavy pages are the big culprit! I don't mind this so much with recreational sites, they sometimes have large graphics and stuff that is necessary to the site. That's OK! And since I have this 2 way cable, WOW! Everything is fast!

As we continue the search for the best online cigarette retailers we will continually update this page. To suggest a site for us to try please email us here: smokes@discount-cigarettes.freeservers.com

Some of the brands of cigarettes they carry are: Alpine, Basic, Benson and Hedges, Best Value, Cambridge, Camel, Capri, Carlton, Doral, Eve, GPC, Kent, Kool, Lark, Malibu, Marlboro, Merit, Misty, Monarch, Montclair, More, Natural Blend, Newport, Now, Old Gold, Pall Mall, Parliament, Pyramid, Raleigh, Salem, Sterling, Tareyton, Vantage, Viceroy, Virginia Slim, Winston, Century, L & M , Chesterfield, Commander, Lucky Strike, Players, Bucks, Barclay, Belair, Bucks, True Blue, Magna, Max, Saratoga, Tall, Satin, Silva Thin, True Green Menthol, Native, Roger.

These are the sites that have given me the best service and value. I have found cheaper places to buy cigarettes and tobacco, but I have received the best customer service from these sites. A cheaper price is no bargain if you must continually wait for your order, get the wrong product or deal with uncaring, irate service reps.

I also like auto racing! Click here to visit some of my favorite sites!

Our new site is now under development at: mailordercigarettes.com !!!!

These are as many of the sites as we could find. We will add more as we find them.
We have not tried these sites yet!

Our new site is now under development at: mailordercigarettes.com !!!!